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Aeolus Appliances AT10 Ironing Board

Aeolus Appliances AT10 Ironing Board

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Professional folding ironing table, vacuum and blower motor with heated top, Model AT10 (109x43 cm)

AT10 is equipped with a suction and blowing motor, activated comfortably by a pedal connected to the ironing board.
The suction motor allows you to keep the garment to be ironed still, eliminates steam condensation and allows you to iron with comfort, speed and greater efficiency.
The blower motor allows you to create a hot air cushion to iron velvet and dark garments, eliminating the risk of shiny reflections, reviving the fibers and giving thickness and softness to light cotton and wool fabrics, lost during washing.
The heated ironing board softens the fibers of the garments and makes ironing easier and less tiring.
A special anti-rust treatment in cataphoresis makes the worktop reinforced against corrosion, resistant to the high temperatures of the iron soleplate and, therefore, unalterable over time.
All these features allow you to iron with comfort, speed and greater efficiency.
This ironing table has an ironing surface with dimensions 109x43 cm and a support for the iron, with or without a boiler. The particular shape of the tip of the ironing board allows you to comfortably iron garments placed in the most difficult places.
The choice of high quality components makes our ironing boards superior to others in commerce.
Base with wheels for easy movement.
100% Made in Italy

- Power supply 120 Volts/60 Hz
- N.1 new generation energy saving suction and blowing motor 25 Watt
- Ironing table power 600 Watt
- Heated ironing board
- Large boiler and iron top rest
- Removable top
- N. 2 wheels to facilitate movement
- Energy efficiency: A ++

Ironing surface dimensions: 109x43 cm
Dimensions open ironing board: 127x48x90 cm
Closed ironing board dimensions: 50x48x113 cm
Product weight: 20 Kg
Shipping weight: 25 Kg


Comes with a five year factory warranty and lifetime technical support for you from this local USA Dealer


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