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We specialize in dry cleaning machines. We have over 150 years of combined technical knowledge in the dry cleaning industry. We offer the client full understanding of the new dry cleaning machines available. We handle all details for our clients including sales, service, parts, training, and installation of all the equipment we sell. We are a family owned company that can save you lots of money. The reason we are so successful is because we pass our savings on to you. We want you to succeed whether you are experienced in the industry or just getting started. 

Best Technical Support In The Industry
We offer the best technical support in the industry. Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturers we represent. Our dry cleaning machines meet or exceed all EPA and Air Quality Management District requirements. Our  Machines are also approved by all of the alternative solvent companies. No other company can say that.


Our 6th Generation  EcoGreen hydrocarbon/GreenEarth machines are equipped with all the hardware needed to run any of the alternative solvents on the market. This is especially helpful if for any reason you need to change solvents, instead of having to buy another new machine. While other companies continue to sell many brands of dry cleaning machines in order to compete for price and quality, we sell one brand.

Why get confused by too many choices when our machine does more for you, all at a very competitive price and the most complete product line possible…


We are the Leaders in ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY -
Our machines are manufactured in Italy. Our machines are the most proven machines on the market today with more experience with "Alternative Solvents" then anyone else. These machines have been built to the most stringent Safety and Air Quality requirements by law.

We provide all services necessary to keep your equipment running smoothly with Experienced Technicians who are Certified by the manufacturer. This is especially important when dealing with some of the new combustable solvents available today.


We offer you complete "peace of mind" when running your business.

We are an authorized distributor of dry cleaning and laundry equipment. Our clients are some of the finest drycleaners in the industry. Our family operated company has been in the dry cleaning industry for three generations. With our vast understanding of the dry-cleaning industry and the changes taking place concerning environmental issues, we offer you complete satisfaction and understanding of your equipment along with certified factory technicians to back you up. Give us a chance to earn your business and respect. See why our clients receive special discounts along with uncompromising quality and service. Take a look at what we have to offer you.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art dry cleaning equipment that meets or exceeds EPA and AQMD requirements and to provide free service.

We sell dry cleaning, laundry, wet cleaning and finishing equipment. We also have a full line of European tensioning equipment. We also specialize in shirt units. Call us, we can meet your needs and your budget.

With changing times it is important to know that your equipment is keeping up with current Safety and Air Quality laws in your area. Successful Dry Cleaning and Laundry Professionals look to Corbett Equipmentfor honest, cost effective answers to aid in running their businesses. This is because we carry the most trusted name brands in the industry and has the knowledge to keep this sophisticated equipment running properly. This comprehensive understanding of your equipment gives you an edge over your competition by giving you an advantage in knowing that you can offer a quality, odorless, finely finished garment to the customer with the least effort and money spent. 


Anyone of your friends will tell you that when you buy any type of equipment to make sure the service is good. Let's face it, the equipment is only as good as the technician that maintains it. Our technical staff is the most experienced in Southern California. We have complete understanding of all the equipment we sell and certification from the various manufacturers to prove it. We back it up with a full inventory of parts. 

Call us and schedule a free equipment evaluation today...


Installation On All machines We Sell... 

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