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We sell quality Drycleaning Equipment:


We sell many brands of useful and high quality products for the Drycleaner or Tailor, even for home or private use, online at our E-commerce website.  

These dry cleaning and laundry machines are available now and at the best prices and you won't find these deals in Chicago only at our Huntington Beach, CA facility.


We provide 24/7 technical support:

We started as a service company and we take servicing diligently and understand that you need to run immediately and do not want any "down time" to interrupt production.

Text 949-500-1430 anytime for answers to your questions right away if you cannot wait for an answer and need help immediately even on weekends and holidays.



We stock OEM dry cleaning replacement parts:

Our parts are in stock and ready to ship today directly from our facility and are stocked from the manufacturers we represent and we ship them quickly to you for free on all orders.


We accept returns:

No haggle returns because you are the Boss. We know it's fustrating enough to experience equipment breakdowns so we won't add to that stress but help alleviate it for you.

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