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Aeolus Appliances Professional Steam Cleaner Cleaning Sanitize Steam Generator

Aeolus Appliances Professional Steam Cleaner Cleaning Sanitize Steam Generator

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AEOLUS  GV05 P PRO 1 - 120 Volts 
Professional steam generator with semi-continuous refilling, energy saving copper boiler and external anti-scale heating element.
The Vapor One GV05 P Plus system allow a fast and effective cleaning of surfaces, rooms, objects, ....
Professional anti-scale and energy-saving steam generator with COPPER boiler of 0.53 gal (2,4 L)
The copper ensures 40% of energy saving comparing to the traditional professional cleaning systems, as well as a high speed production of dry steam.
Anti-scale system with external heating element allows to use tap water.
The special dry steam generated by the copper boiler is the best solution to sanitize and eliminate all dirt: 
grease, encrustations, bacteria, mites, germs, fungi, ...
The optimal professional solution for both household use and for small and large businesses such as:
- Cleaning companies, car washes, restaurants and hotels
- Business activities open to the public (hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, gyms, ...) and professional food laboratories (bakeries, dairies, grocery stores,...) which require extra hygiene according to the HACCP regulations;
- Treatment of special surfaces for the removal of hard dirty (kitchens, bathroom suites, glass, floors, upholstery, sofas, armchairs, parquet, curtains, ...);
- Cleaning and sanitization of particular objects (jewelers, doctors' offices, dental technicians, cellars, breweries, shoemakers, ...).
N. 9 standard accessories for all cleaning, hygiene and sanitation requirements.
Power supply: 120 Volts3 YEARS WARRANTY
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