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Aeolus AS01 Ironing Board Vacuum Blowing Heated w/sleeve rest

Aeolus AS01 Ironing Board Vacuum Blowing Heated w/sleeve rest

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Professional ironing board, model AS01
(112x42 cm. - 44,09x16,53 in.)

AS01 is provided with an heated ironing board of 700 watt, two powerful vacuuming and blowing engines of 150 watt for each one, an automatic regulation of the temperature through a thermostat adjustable from 30° C. to 90° C. (from 86° F. to 194° F.) and a vacuum and blowing sleeve arm. The heated ironing board of 112x42 cm. (44,09x16,53 in.) softens the garment's fibers and makes the ironing less tiring.
AS01 has a powerful vacuum engine that allows to keep the garment to be ironed, eliminates steam condensation and allows to iron with comfort, speed and more efficiency. The second powerful blowing engine is able to create a bearing of warm air to treat the velvet and dark garments, avoiding glossy reflection and signs of iron, to revitalize the wool fibres and to give thickness and softness to light fabrics.
AS01 has a robust support for a steam generator or iron of 41,5x26 cm. (16,33x10,23 in.), it is provided with two wheels that allows, when the board is closed in vertical, to move it easily and to put it away without taking up space. The height of the ironing board can be regulated and the excellent stability of the ironing board is ensured by the extensible support base over which there is a plan to place the ironed garments.
The choice of high quality components and the use of powerful engines makes our ironing boards superior in comparison with the others in commerce. Energetic class: A++
AS01 weight: 18 Kg. (39,68 lb.)
AS01 ironing board dimensions: 112x42 cm. (44,09x16,53 in.)
AS01 support for steam generator dimensions: 41,5x26 cm. (16,33x10,23 in.)

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