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Aeolus SA04 E ECO INOX Shirt/Jacket/Polo/Pants/Shorts Ironing Machine

Aeolus SA04 E ECO INOX Shirt/Jacket/Polo/Pants/Shorts Ironing Machine

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Energy-Saving SA04 E INOX Irondryer – Automatically Dries & Irons Shirts, Blouses, Polos, Sweatshirts, Trousers and Jeans with Warm Air & Freshens-up Dresses with Cold Air

SA04 E IronDryer automatically dries and irons shirts, blouses, polo shirts and sweatshirts through a flow of hot air, from size XS to 3XL. It also freshens-up jackets, coats and overcoats with a cold air flow system.
SA04 E IronDryer makes drying and ironing easy and convenient. Damp garments are easily pulled over a balloon body made with a special fabric, and then filled with air to produce excellent ironing and drying results with any material such as cotton, linen, flannel, silk, mixed (cotton - polyester, etc.), short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts, with Italian, French, semi-French, button- down or Mandarin collars. Aeolus IronDrying system has the following advantages compared to traditional drying and ironing systems:
1) It saves you ironing time 2) It makes you shirt-ready with no physical effort 3) It saves you money for laundry or professional maid’s help 4) It respects the fabrics compared to traditional steam iron and tumble-dryer combined use 5) It is independent from weather conditions 6) Health & Safety: reduces the risk of harming people or damaging goods 7) It irons clothes comfortably in a vertical position.
Research conducted on over 500 items of clothing allowed the development of IronDryers to obtain a quick drying and an excellent ironing (for cuffs and collar as well) which respects all types of fabric and keep the fibers unaltered for a longer time. IronDrying eliminates the risk of wrinkles and burns caused by using standard steam irons. It is safer for children and pets and has a lower noise level and a simpler use compared to the traditional method.
The engine and the internal structure are made of robust and light materials which give our products an excellent resistance with a reduced weight. The engine has been designed for the continuous use of over 50,000 shirts (Long Life 5+). The materials used for our IronDrying vests are made with fabrics specially treated to obtain the best adherence to damp garments and resistance over time.
IronDryer is equipped with a double safety system (Beta System Control) that allows automatic control of the right ironing pressure and drying temperatures (maximum temperature 60 ° C). Complete with accessories for the correct lengthening of all areas of the shirt.
IronDryers can also be customized for adapting to particular sizes or special clothing. Winner of the "Best Seller Award" (750.000+ models sold all over the world).

Comes with a five year factory warranty and lifetime technical support for you from this local USA Dealer

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