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3020 Alba-Chem Lily White Oil 1 gallon

3020 Alba-Chem Lily White Oil 1 gallon

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Alba Chem Lily White Sewing Machine Oil lubricant No. 3020 1 gallon

Albatross Lily White / Crystal Clear Oils are highly refined, narrow cut, non-detergent mineral oils. They are ideal for sewing machines and other applications where the oil may come into contact with textiles. The high purity and clear color makes these the perfect lubricants for textile applications. Lily White and Iso 32 are the most common viscosities required by sewing machines. Iso-46 and Iso-68 are required for special machinery.


Also great for your dry cleaning machine lubricator and drycleaning equipment.

The oil will not stain clothes or fabric if they come in contact with it, so this is the perfect oil for the drycleaner.

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