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Dry Cleaning Machines

Confident and wonderful. Extremely well thought out, powerful and strong. An impressive quality machine with an opulent finish.
EazyClean Factory with drycleaning machi

Today EazyClean is one of the most sought out brands in the dry cleaning industry and is technologically unrivaled. The innovative and functional design of our machine leaves no room for doubt. Its performance is beyond all arguments.

EazyClean is undoubtedly the top model in the industry, manufactured in Herten, Germany. It is an incomparable example of the highest art of mechanical engineering, coupled with the most modern software and design "Made in Germany".

It is this noble mixture that makes EazyClean the premium machine worldwide.


3 loading capacities (40 lbs. 60 lbs. 90 lbs.)

       high spin extract speed up to 800 RPM

                         efficient vacuum distillation

                                        2 centrifugal filters

EazyClean drycleaning machine EC115 Fron

automatic soap dosing

refrigerated solvent cooler

self-monitoring (30 measuring points)

solvent recovery 99.9%


                                loading capacity 30 lbs.

   high speed extract speed up to 850 RPM

                machine width only 97 cm (38 in)

        efficient vacuum distillation (Smart +)

EazyClean drycleaning machine EC112 SMAR

1 centrifugal filter

automatic dosage of auxiliary agents

self-monitoring (30 measuring points)

solvent recovery 99.9%