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Drycleaning Parts

Danfoss Pressostatic Valve

Union Drycleaning PU091303 Valve Danfoss Pressostatic 3/4", Danfoss pressostatic valve 3/4" with 1/4" freon capillary connection for control pressure from refrigeration high side




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Drycleaning Valve

Union Drycleaning PU0901165 Air Operated Valve 1/2" Normally Closed HT w/Brass,

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Multi-Solvent Pump

Dry Cleaning Parts FBN100 Pump Motor KWL, Pump motor for Muti-Solvent Machines FBN100 KWL 1HP 220V 3PH 60HZ FMB 0702173

1" female pipe thread in and out

7 3/4" from inlet end to outlet end

ETL approved for multi-solvent and hydrocarbon

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Spin Disc Filter

Dry Cleaning Parts 1402004 Spin Disc Filter Powderless Ecological 12", Filter Spin Disc FMB 1402004 Powerderless L13585

The most popular disc used on FMB machines today.

Used on all Multi-Solvent machines and Perc machines.

Used on GreenEarth or Silicone machines also with activated clay or without. Use with all alternative solvents.

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Still Door Gasket

Dry Cleaning Parts 401879/MTP GASKET FOR STILL DOOR, Still Door Gasket VITON G15975 401879/MTP

Fits all EcoGreen and Vortex models L2118, L2120, L2125, L2132, L2140

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