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With changing times it is important to know that your equipment is keeping up with current Safety and Air Quality laws in your area. Successful Dry Cleaning and Laundry Professionals look to Corbett Equipment for honest, cost effective answers to aid in running their businesses. This is because Corbett Equipment carries the most trusted name brands in the industry and has the knowledge to keep this sophisticated equipment running properly. This comprehensive understanding of your equipment gives you an edge over your competition by giving you an advantage in knowing that you can offer a quality, odorless, finely finished garment to the customer with the least effort and money spent.

Let us show you how...

Top of the Line TechniciansAnyone of your friends will tell you that when you buy any type of equipment to make sure the service is good. Let's face it, the equipment is only as good as the technician that maintains it. Our technical staff is the most experienced in Southern California. We have complete understanding of all the equipment we sell and certification from the various manufacturers to prove it. We back it up with a full inventory of parts.

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