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EcoGreen Series Soft Mount Machines Available from Corbett Equipment

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AQMD Cash Rebates For New Technology

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Control of Exposure to Perchloroethylene

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Corbett Equipment Specializes in dry cleaning machines. We have over 150 years of combined technical knowledge in the dry cleaning industry. We offer the client full understanding of the new dry cleaning machines available. We handle all details for our clients including sales, service, parts, training, and installation of all the equipment we sell. We are a family owned company that can save you lots of money. The reason we are so successful is because we pass our savings on to you. We want you to succeed whether you are experienced in the industry or just getting started.

Best Technical Support In The Industry
We offer the best technical support in the industry. Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturers we represent. Our Firbimatic dry cleaning machines meet or exceed all EPA and Air Quality Management District requirements. Our Machines are also approved by all of the alternative solvent companies. No other company can say that. Our 6th Generation
Jim Corbett Receives Firbimatic's 5 Star AwardEcoGreen hydrocarbon/GreenEarth machines are equipped with all the hardware needed to run any of the alternative solvents on the market. This is especially helpful if for any reason you need to change solvents, instead of having to buy another new machine. While other companies continue to sell many brands of dry cleaning machines in order to compete for price and quality, we sell one brand, Firbimatic.

Why get confused by too many choices when our machine does more for you, all at a very competitive price and the most complete product line possible…

We are the Leaders in ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGY -
Our machines are manufactured by Firbimatic in Italy. Firbimatic machines are the most proven machines on the market today with more experience with "Alternative Solvents" then anyone else. These machines have been built to the most stringent Safety and Air Quality requirements by law.

Corbett Equipment provides all services necessary to keep your equipment running smoothly with Experienced Technicians who are Certified by the manufacturer. This is especially important when dealing with some of the new flammable solvents available today.

Corbett Equipment offers you complete "piece of mind" when running your business.

Corbett Equipment Has Experienced Technicians

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