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Firbimatic Vortex Series
Perc Machines

Series Specs: Click Here

Corbett Equipment is pleased to introduce the Firbimatic Vortex Series, the next generation of perc dry cleaning machines!

Firbimatic always on the cutting edge of development has designed and engineered another innovative breakthrough in state of the art perchloroethylene dry cleaning machine technology. The new Vortex series machines are available in models ranging from 35lbs. to 95lbs. loading capacity.

Available in Petite 40 & 50, 40, 50, 60, 80, and 95LB capacities
Available in 2 or 3 tank design
For use with perc solvent
Vortex Vapor Induction Drying System
Soap Dosing Pump
Automatic Adjustable Drying Control
Secure-Lock Door Locking System
Coal-Perc Carbon Adsorption System or secondary controls
Smart-10 Microprocessor
Chill-Perc Refrigerated Solvent Cooling
Dual-Flow Filtration System
Max-Flow Automatic Lint Screen Wash Down
Automatic Still Sludge Pump System

More Standard Features of the Vortex Series Machines

All high grade stainless steel construction
Two speed extract motors on Vortex 50 and up
Oversized button trap
Glass inspection port in recovery chamber
Automatic soap injection pump
Automatic still overfill protection
Double lint filters
Pneumatic air valve exhaust system
Thermostat temperature controlled distillation
Safe 24 volt control circuits
Adjustable electronic drying control
Easy access panels from front of machine
Easy view port to see distillation from front of machine
Safety containment pan/tray

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