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EcoProSeries Machines

Firbimatic EcoPro AM Series
EcoPro 918 (L2518)
EcoPro 925 (L2525)

Firbimatic EcoPro 918 (L2518)
6th Generation Hydrocarbon Machine

Firbimatic EcoGreen 60 (L2125)

The EcoPro AM series represents a new development in the progress of machines that operate with hydrocarbons. These machines are provided with a soft mounted drum having a high centrifugal speed (800 rpm) corresponding to a "G" factor of over 300, that enables the reduction of the drying times to values equal to or even less than those of perc machines.

Simultaneously, with the AM series, all those negative aspects which restricted development of hydrocarbon machines, such as their low productivity, have been eliminated.

Available in soft or hard mount design
Choose any Class III solvent to use in this machine

Vortex™ Vapor Induction Drying System
Secure-Lock™ Door Locking System
Hydro-Chill™ Refrigerated Solvent Cooling
Hydro-Vac™ Distillation system
Tri-Flow™ Filtration System
Smart-10 Microprocessor

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