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Firbimatic EcoGreen 40 Machine Parts
Firbimatic EcoGreen Dry Cleaning Machines
Parts: EcoGreen 40 (2118) Parts
  EcoGreen  40 (2118) Parts Italian Name
1 Loading Door Assembly oblo
2 Recovery Head Assembly &
Main Basket Housing Assembly
Botte Giro Aria Montante
3 Lint Filter Assembly With
Automatic Lint Wash Down System
filtro aria autopulente &
filtro aria standard
4 Refrigeration Assembly gruppo frigorifero
5 Refrigeration Coils &
Recovery Head Assembly
Batterie Friggo
6 Steam Coil Assembly Riscaldatore
7 Main Basket Assembly &
Main Bearing Assembly
Cesto E Supporto Cesto
8 Optional Heating Element-for Electrically Heated Machines Caldaia Elett.Kwl
9 Pressure Relief Safety Valve Valvola Antiesplosione
10 Carbon Canister Vaso Carboni
11 Main Drive Assembly Trasmiss
12 Fan Assembly Ventilatore
13 Vacuum Still Distillatore Vista Portello
14 Internal Still Rake Assembly Raclette
15 Still Condenser Coil Assembly Condensatore
16 Pre-Separator Assembly Presepartore
17 Separator #1 Assembly Separatore Asciugamento
18 Liquid Cooling Ring Assembly Serbat. Anello Di Liquido
19 Separator #2 Assembly Separatore Distillatore
20 Button Trap Assembly Prendispilli
20 Button Trap Assembly (cont.) Prendispilli
21 Ecological Spin Filter Assembly Filtro Nylon
22 Large Format Carbon Core Filter Assembly Filtro Cartuccia
23 All-Carbon Filter Assembly Filtro Decoloratore
24 Electronic Dry-Check Sensor Dry Control Elettronico
25 In-Line Sight Glass Assembly Spia Solvente
26 Automatic Soap Dosing Pump Assembly Pompa Saponi
27 Pump Assembly Pompa Solvente Idrocarburi
28 Vacuum Pump Assembly For Still Pompa Vuoto
29 Liquid Cooling Ring Solvent Cooler Assembly Raffreddatore Solvente
30 Base Tank & Containment Pan Assembly Serbatoio Di Base
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